Business leaders are concerned about the anticipated recession and for good reason. There is ample fear and uncertainty associated with recessions, and we’ve had plenty of time to wonder when the next one will be.


The United States has experienced the longest economic expansion in its history during the last decade. Due to the cyclical nature of our economy, we know that this expansion cannot last forever.


It’s good to remind everyone not to be terrified of recessions. Economic downturns are a normal part of the cycle. Expansions lead to contractions which lead to expansions and the cycle will always continue that way. We cannot predict exactly when, but we know it is coming.


The best way to calm any fear or anxiety while waiting for the upcoming recession is to prepare ahead of time. The tips outlined below will help keep your business afloat during an economic downturn.


– Save extra money and create a cash reserve during an expansion period. Use those additional funds to make purchases during the recession


– Differentiate yourself so that people or businesses know why they should purchase from you during the recession


– Spend the majority of your time and energy on the areas of your business that are the most profitable


– Identify unnecessary expenses that you can cut to save money and resources


– Shift your production or plan to offer products or services at a lower price


– Consider capital expenditures that will improve operations and/or efficiencies for the next economic expansion


– Change up your credit policies


– Take advantage of your employees having a lighter workload and provide additional training


– Do not neglect the inevitable economic upswing. Be sure you have strategic plans to execute when the economy recovers


– Lead with optimism, even during difficult times for your company


A recession can be a scary time for any business, but it’s always a good idea to face one with a strategy in place. By planning beforehand, you can ensure your company stays afloat and even makes the most of it along the way.