Operations Management

Do You Need a Fractional COO & Business Strategist on Your Team?

The founders of RG Alliance foster a company culture where employees have the flexibility to prosper, to make mistakes and to recover.

What’s important to you and your company? What are your strategic objectives? Where do you want to spend time, human capital, and money? Answering these big picture questions may be difficult when you are buried in managing day-to-day activities.

Our Fractional COO and Business Strategist can help you work through your people, process, and strategic challenges so your business is working at optimal efficiency.

Here’s How Our Process Works


You will receive an initial assessment of your operations infrastructure, including: staff alignment to business requirements, systems, management tools, staff resources, and training.


Establish strategic goals, budgets, resource allocations, and timeframes. Identify any technology and training requirements as needed.


Provide project management oversight in meeting your strategic goals on time and on budget, and modifying as needed.


Your business will operate at higher levels of productivity and efficiency. Like the adage says, “work smarter not harder.”

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