Human Resources Support

Stay In Compliance

RG Alliance provides best-in-class outsourced Human Resources support.

Staying in compliance with regulations and avoiding costly violations is an evolving task with no margin for error. The challenge is that most small to mid-size business don’t have the time or resources for a full-service HR department.

By outsourcing your human resources to RG Alliance you’ll allow your business to focus on results; overcoming the compliance standards that hold you back. We believe in being more than a subscriber to a software company. As our client, you’ll have local and remote access to an accredited HR professional.

Human Resources Services

Our HR services include:


We develop a termination packet with liability limiting paperwork, which ensures your compliance and that your former employee has their concerns addressed throughout the process.

Compliance Assistance

New hire reporting, employee Files, I-9 compliance assistance, record-keeping, employee classification, health and safety, discrimination, employee attendance, and regulations relating to immigration

Compensation and Benefits

24/7 access to benefit plan information and customized compensation plans for your business model.

Employee Incentives

We find it crucial to set expectations and a transparent incentive plan for your employees to encourage productivity and establish trust. Allow us to create a plan that aligns with your business.

Sexual Harassment Training

An accredited HR professional can provide on-site training to you and your staff allowing all of your employees to become compliant with state standards in unison.


Employee Relations

We address any issues your employees have in respects to pay and benefits, work-life balance, workplace safety, and any other concerns that they have in order to ensure a positive working relationship.

Training and Development

New hire orientation, leadership training and professional development.

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