Depending on the size of your business and your individual needs we can offer the full range of services from basic Bookkeeping up to CFO support. See our list of services below or download our services brochure.

Strategic & Financial Services

For Clients with Revenue between $1-50 million.

Part Time or As Needed CFO Support. Every business needs CFO level support.  Most small businesses do not need it full time. It may be strategic planning, financing requirements, financial interpretation, lease negotiations or exit planning. We can be part of your team to support you.  You get high quality staff without breaking the bank.

Budgets, Forecast and Financial Modeling. Forecasting can be a valuable tool to drive behavior. From a simple adjustment to a budget to a full financial business model from scratch, we can provide templates and guidance to create the financial targets and the road map to achieve your goals.

Executive Summary and Presentation. Great financial reporting is nice but useless if we do not use them to drive behavior. We write an executive summary each month highlighting the key financial indicators and add our “Top 3 Things To Know”. Our goal is to present the financials in a way you will know the essentials in the first 5 minutes allowing more time for strategy and performance focus.

Accounting Services

For Clients with 5 to 500 employees.

Full Charge Outsourced Accounting Services to support your business.  Many small business do not need full time accounting support.  We provide the experience and skill of a large accounting department on a part time basis handling everything from Invoicing, Collections, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Sales Tax Reporting and Bank Reconciliations.

Month Close Checklist and Closing the Books.  It is important to review reports over monthly intervals with accurate information.  We develop closing programs and lock the books so your information is accurate, timely and most importantly useful.

Part Time Controller Oversight of Existing Staff. Our goal is to provide oversight and training of existing staff to improve the quality of your systems, raise the skill level of the staff and create efficiencies in the process to free you and your staff to focus on the most valuable items in the business.

Internal As Needed Support for Payroll Filings/Reporting, Book to Tax Return Adjustments, Insurance Audit Preparation, Sales Tax Filings/Reporting. So often, unexpected things come up that require either experience or particularly time you and your staff simply do not have.  We can help you flex up as these type of issues arise.

Financial Reporting

For Clients of Any Size Business.

Prepare Monthly Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Statement of Cash Flows, & Custom Key Financial Indicators.  Our reports are automated and customized to provide you a report with the financial information easy to understand.

Key Financial, Strategic and Performance Indicator Dashboards.   These Dashboards are customized based on your goals for the business.  We implement Dashboards that objectively help you manage the financial results and the performance of your staff.  You will know when you are on or off track towards achieving your goals.

Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Forecasting.  Cash Flow is a major concern for any small businesses.  Our reporting will give you peace of mind and build a cash management plan to keep your business thriving.

Project, Contract and Customer Profitability Reporting.   Do you ever wonder which sector of your business is most profitable, which employee is more productive, what contract types generate the highest margin?  This information is often hiding in your accounting system.   We create a process to capture this data and customize reporting to give you tools to know these answers and make informed decisions.

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