Welcome to onboarding with us for Payroll! This section will explain onboarding, getting started, and instructions for various access.

Grant us ADP Payroll “Accountant Access”

If you use ADP Payroll for your payroll service, we will ask you to grant us “Accountant Access” to either run your payroll or access online payroll reports. This allows us to get your employees paid, and to accurately state payroll within your accounting file.


Below are instructions for granting us access to payroll reports:

Step 1: Log into ADP

Step 2: Hover over “Company” on the top menu bar

Step 3: At the very bottom, click “Authorization” (see screenshot below)

Step 4: Click the green button that says “add”

Step 5: Type our setup email address into the Accountant’s Email box then click the green search button (see screenshot below)

Step 6: Make sure the firm that comes up is Bookkeeping for RG Alliance Group (Firm ID #26562793), then click the green “Thanks my Accounting Firm” button.
(See screenshot below)

Step 7: Check the following boxes (see below), then click the green Connect


  • Reports & Tax Forms
  • General Ledger
  • I acknowledge that ADP does not verify the identity of firms
  • I have verified Bookkeeping for RG Alliance Group is my accounting firm

Step 8: All finished! If you see the screen below, then you’ve connected us and we got an email from ADP telling us we now have access to payroll reports.


All finished! We will receive an email from ADP that you granted us accountant access to your ADP reports. 🎉