Monthly Newsletter: January 2022

2021: A Year in Review Looking back, 2021 was a year of growth for RG Alliance. A year of perseverance, of adaptation and a year of “can I please stop sanitizing my groceries?” And the answer is yes, you could probably stop sanitizing your groceries….

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Monitor Your Finances to Achieve Your Goals

Businesses today need to constantly manage their financial resources to handle unforeseen challenges. To do so, you must first create a budget that aligns with your strategic goals. To enable your business to function smoothly you also need to have specific guidelines concerning the steps... Read More

How to Host a Virtual Event

What is a virtual event? Virtual events take place online instead of in person. They can range from small groups to large conferences, and they can take place on many different platforms. Keep reading to find out what kind of virtual events you can host,... Read More

Top Small Business Trends for 2021

2020 has been an interesting year, to say the least. The problems that businesses face seem to change every week. One thing that hasn’t changed is competition. This is why it’s still important to be aware of the trends that will affect your industry next... Read More