2021: A Year in Review

Looking back, 2021 was a year of growth for RG Alliance. A year of perseverance, of adaptation and a year of “can I please stop sanitizing my groceries?” And the answer is yes, you could probably stop sanitizing your groceries. But Purell thanks you for keeping them in business.

The word of the year was “Transform.” With the implementation of hub teams, a new HR Division, Business and Onboarding Development, improved package distribution and more, we were bound to thrive. Employee retention was at a high and we couldn’t be any prouder of everyone that helped us make 2021 a solid success. To top off a great year, we had a fantastic turn out and time at the RG Alliance Annual Gala. Not only did Alan break out his moonwalk, we also broke out what’s to come in 2022.

What We'll Do in 2022

Word of the Year | Clarity

Improving Onboarding and Training
RG has made many strides in the last year with our new client onboarding processes. We want to make onboarding and staff training a focal point moving into 2022. Our goal with this is to increase the opportunities RG Alliance attracts
to work with clients aligning with our values and mission while expanding the experience of our team.

Accelerate the Hub Program
We’ve experienced massive growth over the last two years. Experimenting with different ways to keep our team engaged has enabled us to build a collaborative and structured team. We plan to continue re-structuring our teams to make them stronger, provide training resources and overall, a supportive environment where we can thrive individually and together.

Enhance our Relationship Capability
The Brand Ambassador program was introduced in 2021 to increase the depth of our internal relationships and provide team members the opportunity to share their perspective.  We simultaneously expanded our knowledge of multifaceted client-facing interactions. After helpful feedback from attendees, the program will be re-vamped and re-launched in 2022.

Client, Team, Partner Alignment
We will better prioritize our choice of client. More prospects means better clients, better clients means better life. We want businesses who are founder-led, engaged with their community, interested in business intelligence; these clients will be non-competitors who align with our values and mission, thus creating solidified RG Alliance Partnerships.

Launch Business Intelligence Reporting Product

Over the last nine years, our production department has prioritized automated financial reporting processes. We’ve decided to

 leverage the technology and build on it to create something that will deliver value to more people than just our client base.

Milestone Award | Leela Adams

“Over the last year she has been an essential part of my experience at RG. Leela’s always looking for the next challenge to overcome, next thing she can learn or situation she can be involved in. It’s this type of attitude that makes her so valuable and loved by our staff, clients, and partners. My only complaint is that she doesn’t have a clone because we could all use some more Leela in our lives. Leela, thank you so much for your contributions to the team and for laughing at most of my jokes.” – Connor McAree

“My first impression of Leela was that she was a very industrious and hard worker that wouldn’t shy away from putting in that extra effort. Throughout the almost six years I’ve had the privilege of working with Leela, I’ve encountered nothing but positivity and have also encountered in her an extreme drive to accomplish and achieve her goals. She has done so much good for RG Alliance. Congratulations Leela!”         – Tlaloc Rodriguez

“Leela was one of the first people at RG to help me realize it was a true team environment. Things can feel chaotic and messy and she just swoops in and helps you see the sunshine. She always comes in with this can-do we-got-this attitude and I don’t think you can teach someone that. It’s natural for her. Leela you’re so deserving of this, I’m so proud of you and I can’t wait to see what we do next. ” – Lauren DiLisio

Impact Award | Aaron Mintoft

“This award is fitting for him because of the support he provides on a day to day basis. His development has been inspirational to me. Thank you for being not only so positively impactful, but being a great colleague and a great friend.”
               – Lewis Dillard

“It’s been remarkable to watch where he started to where he is today. Aaron’s done an amazing job as Ryan has taken him on a journey of learning. Some of the tools that he’s able to build and develop to help the team and clients are where his skillsets shine.” – Leela Adams 

“I can’t think of anybody this last year that’s had as bigger impact than Aaron. You improve the quality of all of our lives. You mean a lot to me, and a lot to so many on the team… RG would not be what it is today without the impact that you’ve made.” – Ryan Saathoff

Effort Award | Glaucia Gama

“Nobody better for this award than you; I see the effort, in so many different things you do. It’s in the effort you put into your fellow staff, it’s you juggling work and school and make it look so effortless. You are an incredibly valued part of our team and of my life.” – Danielle Galante

 “She’s always had a very team-oriented approach. I love the way she interacts with our team and our clients, with kindness and collaboration. I appreciate her for her friendship and work support.” – Leela Adams

“You’ve gone above and beyond to help me out when needed and always able to set aside time. I can’t thank you enough for your help and generosity.” -Ryan Miranda 

Honesty Award | Taylor Lewis

“You have been such a source of stability, of honesty and integrity. You go above and beyond in the work that you do. You’re always willing to help and bare the burden together and I appreciate that so  much. I’m so honored to call you my friend.” – Heather Brown

“Taylor is an awesome associate, a creative coworker, a hip helper, an ingenious icebreaker, cosmic collaborator, nifty nacho-eater, powerful payroll specialist, tremendous teammate, wonderful workmate….”     – Jim McGowan

“She is confident and driven; she always has the integrity of the client and RG in mind. I wish I could bottle her work ethic and give it to the world for free, we would get so much done. I’m so lucky that I get to work with her.” – Lauren DeLisio

Kindness Award | Bri Plathe

“Even through a computer screen I could tell there was something special about Bri. She has this inner-brightness, this enthusiasm about life and all that she does. And that was more emphasized when I had the
opportunity to meet her in person.” – Alan Braun

“Thank you for being someone we can always count on. Your work ethic are admirable. You work hard, are constantly learning and improving, your efforts have not gone unnoticed.  You are really an asset.” – Glaucia Gama

“She is such a pleasure to work with. Her attitude, her positivity and willingness to try new things is so refreshing and amazing.” – Jaqueline Roberson

January Employee Spotlight

Lewis Dillard Management Accounting Services

“Since Lewis joined RG Alliance he has become a great mentor and support system. The time he allots to teaching by simplifying accounting concepts has alleviated many of my frustrations. I’m not sure where Lewis got his patience to teach, but one might say that makes him the virtue. Lewis is nothing short of a pleasure to work with and I look forward to furthering our alliance.” -Ryan Miranda 

“There are people you enjoy working with and then there are people that you ENJOY WORKING WITH. Lewis is the latter. His excitement for streamlining processes and taking on new projects matches mine and gives me life. Him and I don’t work together much, but when we collaborate its magic. He has a knack for diving in
and tying up loose ends, making existing practices more efficient and shares his honest and positive energy consistently. He genuinely cares about RG as a whole and I would probably pick Lewis first for dodgeball. I just feel like he would say, ‘I read this article that shows you the best way to play dodgeball and you’ll never guess…. and I’m 100% here for it.” – Lauren DeLisio

has always been a pleasure to work with and his value to RG is immense. His
knowledge of Excel formula and shortcuts is nothing less than astounding and it
is never a surprise to learn some tips and tricks while watching him perform
his art. I would highly recommend him as a go-to resource for all employees
with Excel or accounting related questions as he is always happy to share his
knowledge.” -Aaron Mintoft 

Additions to the RG Alliance Team in 2021