CEO of Managed Solution

Shortly after graduating, Sean began working for one of the largest IT placement firms in the US and ultimately decided there was a better way to help businesses with their IT challenges. With that, he founded Managed Solution in 2002. It started as a way of providing solutions to businesses that needed technology consulting assistance on an hourly basis, but it wasn’t long after that he expanded and quickly began working in the Managed Services and Systems Integration space. Within 3 years the company was quickly recognized as one of San Diego’s 40 fastest growing companies, awarded as one of the 40 companies with owners under 40 years old and is Microsoft’s US Partner of the Year for Teamwork across a large portfolio of products and solutions.

Key Takeaways

Finance & Technology: Integrating in a Disconnected World

What is the story that your data and financials are telling you? Businesses experience roadblocks with tech departments that can’t get data to finance and vice versa due to bad data, not connecting the right people internally, or not knowing what to look for or ask.


Connection of Sales & Marketing: Connecting Technology
It’s important to align partners, create roadmaps, and define strategy. Make sure technology and departments talk to each other. Each department is only as successful as the quality of information they receive from sales CRM, marketing automation, and financial reporting.


Three Takeaways When Offering Technology as a Service

What is your Financial Technology Strategy
• Finance and tech need to be linked
• Sometimes tech and finance limit delivery capability of best product
• Think beyond integrating systems. What are you trying to achieve?
• Think about finance and technology in terms of behavior
• Recurring revenue is better than project-based work
• Look at service contracts: What project work is a result of the existing service contracts?


How do you ensure Employee Satisfaction
• How are your people adjusting, managing, and delivering value to clients?
• Keep it simple: Your sales team won’t use a complex CRM.
• Think about what you are doing, how is it changing the lives of the people that you serve?
• How do you, the business leader, get them to see something bigger than just themselves?


How Do You Delight Customers?
• Your clients need accurate data and partners that are aligned together to focus on the same ideal outcome.
• Clients get overwhelmed with too many steps and too much data, simplify it by sitting with key executives and creating an agreed-upon roadmap with action items.
• Then, manage your internal workload and client expectations to ensure that key deliverables are met in a timely manner and support the organization’s overall KPIs.

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