Founder & President of Pay It Forward

Renee started Pay It Forward (payment processing) as a result of pure frustration from watching her friends “getting taken advantage of” by the credit card industry. Since starting her company, Renee has helped hundreds of businesses take control of their payment processing and eliminated the abuse they used to receive from other credit card processing companies. Renee always puts other first and volunteers her time often. In her rare free time, Renee can be found piecing together puzzles and traveling to different parts of California for vacation. Renee will admit she is not close to perfect, and believes mistakes are tools to learn from. Her favorite quote rings true throughout her well-being, “Do or do not, there is no try.”

Key Takeaways

Be Wary of Payment Processors
So many payment processors are unethical. For example, lack of PCI Compliance can lead to higher, unnecessary fees. Non PCI Compliance Processors can charge $60-$120/mo with the high risk of a data breach as well. Those vendors want you to be non-compliant because then they get extra revenue while putting at you at risk. Protect yourself by looking at your payment processor statements and contesting suspicious fees.


Double Check Your Process
Every business owner should evaluate their processes and check each penny they’re spending to make up for money they may have lost. Review your statements each month in order to create financial efficiencies and improve financial reporting.


Be Open to Change
In today’s environment, our economy is changing and cash flow is unpredictable. If you’re not adjusting to diversify with multiple revenue streams, then you’ll be playing a game of constant catch up. Take advantage of the many opportunities you can create for your clients.


Case Study: Liquor Store Client
When COVID started, Renee started offering free devices for mobile swiping. Their client, a liquor store, needed a solution that didn’t break the bank. They set them up with ecommerce quickly via their POS system as an extended capability of that technology. Every SKU for wine uploaded within 24 hours. The liquor store pivoted to start doing delivery. Sales tripled in 3 weeks.


Social Entrepreneurship
Think about the work that you do and how what you’re doing is benefitting our environment and the community you serve. How has it changed the approach that your business takes and the employees in your business? How has that impacted your outlook and the people that work with your business?


How do you sensibly market or let people know?
• An organic approach is more impactful and it tells the true spirit.
• Don’t want it to come off as salesy. It loses authenticity.
• Have it on your website, but don’t force it.


It’s Really Important to Figure Out Your Passions
If you are not doing well in the position you are in, it’s because it’s not in your DNA. You can’t change your business model until you figure out what you are good at. You have to find within you what you are passionate about.


Tips to find your passion:
• Journal about it. Find where your passion lies.
• Then, get a group of other business people that you trust together to provide insight.
• Collaborate with like minded people. Learn one thing from every single person you meet.

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