Foundering Partner of Culture Insurance Group

After spending 6 years fighting the dissonance of traditional agencies who didn’t practice what they preached when it came to serving their clients and caring for their own employees, it became clear that there was room for a new and more progressive agency. Nathan started Culture Insurance in 2016 with a commitment to the horse-power of modern technology and the heart-power of being driven to provide exceptional advice and service that focuses on how employee benefits and business insurance harmonizes with the culture of each company. Outside of work, Nathan has been married almost 11 years, has 4 kids, and serves a pastor at his church.

Key Takeaways

Check-In With Your Company Culture
There is joy for people existing beyond themselves. Bigger than any task, gadget, or your business – have some transcendent purpose. Evaluate passions of employees and correspond from that.


Is it Time for a Change?
Every company is in a position to impact the lives of others. If things aren’t sitting right with you, don’t be afraid to make the jump. It may be scary and the parachute might deploy late, but you will stick the landing.


Take Your Values and Align Them
Assess your values and think about how to align them with your business. It’s not just about skills, it also comes down to commitment. It’s not always about what you and your employees know, but rather how much you care. Your product may be conventional, but what makes it unique is how it transforms lives.


People Over Money
Be in the business to take care of people, not just for the money. It’s not just about benefits, it’s about taking care of people.


Accountability is Key
Own your work. Mistakes happen, but lean in to them so you can grow from them.


Be Kind
Treat everyone with the same kindness and respect you give to people you love. We promise it’ll come back to you.


Enjoy the Process
It’s important to celebrate the wins. Enjoy client and personal success and share it with whoever you want. It’s all about having fun in the process.


Demonstrate your Values in the Community
Values need reinforcement over time. You can’t say them once and be set, they need to be demonstrated in the way you do business. Think about the ongoing message you want to send to your partners, your employees, and yourselves.

What you truly believe manifests in the way you treat people.


Mistakes Aren’t Always Negative
You learn more about someone’s character from the mistakes they make than if they were perfect all the time. Your mistakes or shortcomings do not make you a failure. Your identity is not tied up in your mistakes. By separating your mistake from your identity, then you can resolve the issue.


Don’t Burn Yourself Out
If your company is a parachute, then your employees and partners are the pieces of fabric holding it together. If one goes, the whole thing starts to unravel. Learn your own limits. See where you hit max capacity. Then, learn how to ask for help and take time for rest.


The Definition of Success
• Having a positive impact on people’s lives and business, that is success
• Making an impact in your community, that is success
• There is no amount of money that you place on compassion
• If there is an opportunity there to give time and/or money to solve a problem, the sacrifice is worth it. The money comes after we make a positive impact

Stand by what you value at all costs.

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