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After owning and operating multiple companies across a variety of industries, Mark understands the struggles and cash flow challenges that most businesses face. For the past 15 years, Mark has watched the payment industry evolve to offer great products and solutions. Currently, he supports clients with credit card payment processing and identify opportunities for R&D tax credits. This work includes:
• Cash Discounting/Surcharging
• Level 2 and Level 3 Processing for B2B
• Research and Development Tax Credits and Incentives for small to mid-size businesses

Key Takeaways

Be Your Client’s Educator
People don’t know what they don’t know. You have to find out how to connect what you’ve got and what you’ve had. What things do you see that people don’t realize are actual opportunities for them?

If you don’t evolve, you go extinct. If you’re not staying on top of it, the world will pass you by really quickly.


What Is The Client’s Time Worth?
If time is money, show your client how much time they could save using your product or service. If someone told you, “Give me an hour of your time and I can increase your profitability by $1k/mo,” wouldn’t you be interested in what they have to say?


Make Mistakes & Take the Lessons With You
You learn more from mistakes than from being perfect all the time. Take that sense of self awareness to help prevent your clients from making a similar mistake. You are there to help them.


The Goal is to Help, Not Just Sell
Clients are used to sitting with so many different vendors that anything you say sounds like another sales pitch. Right off the bat tell your clients “I’m here to help you.” Give them 3-4 different solutions and offer advice on what you would do in their position.


Try to Be Grateful
Be grateful for the things you have, not jealous for the things that you don’t have. Kindness always wins. Nobody is better than you and you are not better than anybody else.


A Takeaway for Life and Business
Instead of being jealous and envious of what other people are doing, change it into kindness, love, understanding, and empathy. Don’t worry about everybody else, worry about you.

Do you want to love or do you want to hate? That is your choice.

Does My Business Qualify for R&D Tax Credits? 
The R&D Tax Credit was initiated in 1981 and signed into law by Obama before he left office. Submit 1 years worth of taxes to us, and you can get money back from deductions that should have been made up to 3 years ago!

For more information, contact Mark Gillette here:
(619) 518-8701

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