President of Synergetic Ops

A highly organized leader with 20 years of experience in all aspects of business operations analysis, development, and growth, Japheth has proven adept at constructing cohesive teams from the ground up, achieving increased profitability and stronger market position. Japheth has worked with a variety of local business owners and helped them overcome hurdles and obstacles to growth by taking a hard look at themselves. Very selective with whom he partners, he has formed lasting professional and personal relationships with those who ascribe to the same principles. Japheth has been happily married for 18 years, loves volunteering to help people personally, and enjoys golf.

Key Takeaways

Struggle vs. Opportunity

In every scenario in a business, there is a struggle between process and opportunity. You have to figure out a time to properly schedule maintenance in your business so you can sustain growth. Build the process around you and help employees achieve objectives.


Balance is the Biggest Challenge

Balancing the demand of your time is a huge challenge. Find ways to chase down new opportunities and nurture existing relationships at the same time. Here’s a pro-tip: Live and die by the calendar, including the time that you set outside of work.


Treat Your Employees Like Family

Employees thrive in an environment where there is structure so focus more on the way the internal teams operate and how they interact and operate with external relationships. Try to create functional families instead of dysfunctional business families. All of us want to work with people we like and trust.


When you see work not as an extension of your ego, but as something you are grateful for, then employees will see it as something that facilitates their life.


Your Employees Should Grow With You

Set expectations for your employees – you don’t want a clone of you, you want someone who can do better. Don’t hold them to a standard that they can’t reach. Help them learn and grow.


Set Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

Without tactical goals, you are adrift at sea and go wherever the wind blows. Create a 6-month, 1-year, 3-year, 5-year, 10-year personal & business goals. Setting goals helps create a healthy perspective on the things you want to achieve.


Measure Performance & Accountability

Establish KPIs for your employees. This can be anything from sales conversions to utilization. Holding employees to these numbers helps keep them accountable and creates organizational confidence.


Align Your Business Goals Organizationally

Make sure personal and business goals are in alignment and support one another. If staff doesn’t see that, then they are not pulling or rowing in the same direction. When employees realize why they are working and who they are working for, then that allows you to protect the things that you are working to achieve.


But Don’t Lose Yourself

The things that matter most in life are not necessarily what you do in the office, but outside of it. Making more money and more notoriety in business does not make you happy. Find time every day to connect with yourself, your family, and those around you. Safeguarding the things that are most important in life gives you time in business to be more effective.


No one on their death bed wishes they spent more time working.


It’s Okay to Let Go

Business owners need to take their hands off the reins of the important functions of their business to focus on other things. Admit that you might be the person holding the company back. It’s hard to be the visionary that looks 10 years ahead and also manages the minutia.. Once you embrace that concept, it becomes easier to identify who thinks like an owner


As Your Company Grows, So Does Your Circle

Surround yourself with people smarter than you. Seek out people who have more experience and get great advice from them.


What Makes a Good Leader?

A great leader looks inward. They have to be honest when it comes to admitting their own weaknesses and failures. You want someone who can manage people and get results without micro managing them. A great leader inspires and leads people while balancing both their personal and work life. Trust yourself and don’t overthink your decisions.


If you’re an honest person and work hard, success will follow.

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