Founder of SIP Wine & Beer

Growing up in Temecula and watching it become a treasured wine destination, Cassandra envisioned the same for Escondido and founded SIP Wine & Beer. Since opening in 2015, SIP has become a destination to empower, inspire, and exchange knowledge. Through community, culture, and conversation, SIP makes wine and beer simple and fun while supporting women and minorities in the industry. Cassandra creates a space encouraging wine and beer lovers to share their experiences, partake in thought provoking discussions, and learn the facets of wine and beer.

Key Takeaways

There Isn’t a Playbook for Becoming an Entrepreneur
Taking the first step to become an entrepreneur is hard. Take risks and choose to be fearless. Don’t worry about what could go right or wrong. Just do it. Add an element of disruption in order to see what happens next.


It’s A Wild Ride, But You Don’t Have to Go It Alone
Connecting with people that share different skillsets and share your can take your business to the next level. Reach out for help and gather allies. Be able to call out and have a circle of influence and support that understands what you are trying to accomplish.


Ways to Navigate Your Business w/o Feeling Alone
• Find mentors and organizations that support your career and personal journey.
• Ask for help
• Recognize cultural differences
• Recognize that business owners do not have all of the answers
• If you have non-negotiable values, stick with them. Your circle will continue to grow with like-minded individuals.


People & Finance: A Match Made in Heaven
• Understanding people and marrying that with the financials is critical to success.
• How do you review your current process and what you are doing, then transform and pivot their business?
• Make sure that your product is inclusive for everybody


Biggest Challenge: Gaining Capital During COVID-19
Shutting down due to the Coronavirus spread awareness on how stressful having a small business can be for people. Businesses that communities have grown to love shut their doors because they couldn’t make it. Here’s how to navigate it:
• It’s really important to take a step back and objectively look at how your business needs to change and grow for a new climate.
• There is not a one-size, fits all solution for every business.
• Help other local businesses if you can.


Understand Where Your Business Falls in Your Community
Understanding the bottomline for growing a business is crucial. We are in an environment where everyone is trying to approach the same question, “How do I make my business relevant?” Each business owner has their own goal and mission – for Cassandra, her business foundation is community, culture, and conversation. Create ideas around promoting the spirit of community.


The Element of Social Impact
People spend dollars on people, places, and companies that align with their morals and values. As a company and business model, am I creating an environment that makes people comfortable? What do I need to do as an owner, consumer, person within the community?


Be a Haven for Your Community
There is a correlation between the benefit you generate for the community and the bottomline. Recognizing that inequity and social justice isn’t enough. Be the change you wish to see in your community by talking to your community leaders and engaging in conversations with people of all races, genders, & ethnicities. Be inclusive.


Things You Thought You Knew & Surprises Along the Way
While progressing your business and working in the corporate arena, there are things that get lost in that process. Learn where your skills lie and find people to help where your skills fall short.

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