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With over 20+ years of branding, design, and marketing experience in St. Louis, San Francisco, and San Diego, Ms. Hill has branded clients internationally. Countries range from: Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Africa, the Middle East, India, China, Japan, to Korea and more. Her clients are based all around the world and come to her because of her internationally recognized experience in brand analysis, strategy, application, and extension.

Key Takeaways

There is Never Just One Path to Success
When Marketing your product or service, one of the common mistakes is that people expect one type of Marketing tactic to solve all of your challenges. Not one size fits all. There are many different avenues to achieve your Marketing Goals.


Marketing & Sales: A Match Made in Heaven
Usually, Marketing is always the first to go in terms of funding because of the preconceived notion that “sales does all the work.” The reality is that marketing and sales work in tandem. Marketing drives sales. Marketing choices determine quality of leads. Marketing feedback determines volume and quality of revenue.


Marketing and Sales are like peanut butter and jelly, they work better together.


Reassess How You Measure Marketing Campaigns
When it comes to Marketing, not every piece of analytics determines success. For example, just because someone clicks on an ad doesn’t mean that the campaign is successful. In reality, it doesn’t matter how many clicks, but rather what did they do when they went to your website. Did they call, email, request info, or place an order? Measure how Marketing creates qualified leads and track them all the way to profitable revenue.


Be Proactive, Not Reactive
Don’t work in a state of panic. Angela’s favorite saying from her past client is: “A lack of planning on your part, does not constitute an emergency on mine.” Don’t wait for problems to show up and surprise you. If you can see problems coming in the future, address them now. Communicate with your team and your client. Discuss options and collaborate on a solution.


Be proactive, not reactive.


Don’t Be Afraid to Outsource
Just because you have an in-house Marketing employee, that doesn’t mean they know how to do every aspect of marketing well. The reality is that no one person is good at everything. Bring in outside resources to support the areas they are lacking and find ways to strengthen their weaknesses.


Walk A Mile In Their Shoes
Step into your client’s shoes and look at the challenges they’re dealing with and what are their limitations. If it were your business, how would you work within those limitations? What solutions would you choose that address their needs and makes them feel good about what you are accomplishing together?


Always listen and learn from your clients. Be willing to collaborate.


Work With People Who Share Your Values
Whatever your values may be, emphasize them to your employees and clients. Not everyone is your ideal client and that is okay. You don’t need to be everything to everybody. Just be the best version of yourself and clients will appreciate that.


Authenticity is Key, But Where Do You Start?
Authenticity starts in the hiring process. How you carry authenticity forward starts with staff before you hire and onboard them. Authenticity starts within your company’s values. Then, it goes into the community and the way your firm supports the community. Make sure to start the authenticity conversation with staff before they get hired and then it will be completely ingrained in your culture from the start.


What makes you different or better? It’s being authentic, transparent, and acting with integrity.


Work/Life Balance
If you don’t have work/life balance, then you can’t be your best. As a creative, it’s important to take time to recharge. Step away from your computer throughout the day…even if it’s only to grab a snack from the kitchen, pick up the mail, or go to the bathroom. Yes, your work is important, but it’s okay to take a break and take care of yourself so you can come back refreshed to take care of your employees and clients.


What Steps Do You Take To Be Your Best Self?
Don’t wait till the end of the week or the end of the month to assess your self. Check in with your self daily, hourly, and stay in the moment. Be honest about who you are and your strengths/weaknesses. Ask your team to help you check in so that you can get feedback and guidance when you know you aren’t being your best self. Nobody is perfect. Surround yourself with good people and they’ll help you just as you help them to be their best. They’ll appreciate the vulnerability and they’ll reciprocate which only makes you and your team that much stronger.

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