Keeping your team’s morale high and maintaining company culture is one of the biggest challenges facing business leaders today. Culture and team cohesion might not be high on the list of priorities during a crisis, but strong company culture is fundamental to a business’s success.

Here are 4 tactics to keep culture strong while working remotely:


  1. Host virtual get-togethers for the team to socialize

We are social creatures, and the socialization that we get during a normal day in the office isn’t available in the same capacity while working remotely. It’s important for leaders to recognize this and make the social element an important part of daily operations.

Set up weekly meetings with small groups or the whole team where the only purpose is for people to get together and socialize. That’s right, no shop talk! These meetings could be during the workday, or they could be in the evenings as a virtual happy hour. Plan fun activities like trivia or ice breakers to get people in the socializing mood.


  1. Check-in each month to see how everybody’s doing

Everyone may seem okay on the Zoom call, but you never know until you ask. It’s much easier to tell if something is wrong while working together in person, but it takes an extra step to make sure your team is doing well while remote.

A short survey sent out at least once a month is a great way to gauge how your team is feeling. It can also show trends over time and let you know if you need to focus on improving anything specific.

Be sure to ask questions about their experience while working remotely. It’s a business leader’s job to make sure their team has all the tools they need to be successful.  If your team is having trouble unplugging, set up a workshop with an expert on how to balance work and home life while working remotely.


  1. Bring everyone together for strategic meetings

One of the most effective ways to keep people in touch with company culture is holding all-company meetings. This is where you can connect your whole team and remind them of your company’s mission.

Kick-off each week with an all-team meeting to get everyone on the same page. Share highlights and big accomplishments or go over possible solutions to a problem the team has been facing. This could also be a time for open discussion. Holding a Q&A is an easy way for your employees to get quick answers and it gives them a sense of connection to their leaders, or coworkers in a different department.


  1. Keep everyone updated with an internal newsletter

Sending a weekly newsletter is a great way to keep people informed about important news that may not be discussed during meetings.

In the newsletter, you could share:

  • The previous week’s key performance indicators
  • Product updates
  • Newly hired employees
  • Upcoming birthdays
  • Employee shoutouts
  • Notable resources, like blog posts or meeting recordings


Every company has a unique culture. It is a result of the people, leadership, and everyday decisions in your company. The best companies are intentional about how they create culture because they know it contributes to their overall success.