Financial Analyst

Full Time Position in San Diego

About The Position

We are an outsourced Financial Consulting Firm and we provide services to businesses in all stages and sizes. We are skilled at providing strategy and solutions to help companies achieve successful growth and performance. We work closely with our clients’ employees and think of ourselves as part of the company staff. We perform all aspects of accounting services from Data Entry to Financial Statement Reporting and Financial Coaching.

We are seeking a talented and driven accountant to work closely with management to help with the day to day of client activities. Applicant must have a strong understanding of accounting practices, be proficient in QuickBooks and Microsoft Office, have great communication skills, and be willing to travel within San Diego. Pay will range depending on experience.

Our Values:

• Life is short

• Be innovative

• Deliver value to the client

• Fixed Fee Pricing

• Enjoy Mondays

Duties & Responsibilities

• Perform complex budget/accounting functions

• Conduct financial/ statistical/ analytical studies

• Prepare/ assist in preparation of financial reports/ statements/ claims

• Compile and analyze financial information

• Perform complex budget/ accounting functions

• Prepare monthly audits

• Collect and prepare financial data

• Analyze fiscal account./ regulatory submissions, fiscal present

• Forecast and analyze financial trends

• Manage Cash (using Cash Flow and Cash Matrix templates)

• Communicates well with clients.

• Other duties as requested.

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