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San Diego Back Office is a team sourced Consulting firm based in Southern California. We have provided services to businesses of all sizes and stages of growth since 2013.

We strive to understand our Client’s day-to-day challenges and leverage our expertise to provide strategies and solutions to achieve successful growth and performance. We strive to seamlessly integrate into your team, allowing management to focus on growing the business.


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Accounting & Finance

•System Implementation

•State& Federal Filings

•Create Accounting Policies and Procedures

•Fixed Asset Tracking

•Inventory Management

•Accounts Receivables (A/R)/Accounts Payable (A/P)

•Daily Transaction Data Entry


•Financial Package Preparation

•Monthly Report

•Quarterly Report

•Annual Report

•Financial Statements

Human Resources

•Payroll Processing

•Employee Onboarding

•Employee Health Benefits

•Employee Retirement Benefits

•I-9 Verification


•Policy and Procedure Development

Why San Diego Back Office

Most business owners will hire employees only to find they come with hidden costs, effort to train, the need to manage, and the potential for turnover. We provide founder led and operated companies with Back Office Solutions and expert Business Intelligence to accelerate business growth.


All of our employees are internal. We have over 50 support staff at all levels to meet your needs. We leverage each team members personal and professional experience to create a comprehensive team-sourced approach to execute the required administrative responsibilities and deliver financial information to allow you to make better decisions.


Many organizations are burdened with extensive administrative and professional tasks. This can become overwhelming and prevent you from executing on your mission. Our team provides expertise and takes those off your plate so you can focus on what you do best. Do what you love…. We got the rest!


We identify what is required to support your organization and fill in the pieces that are missing. Organizations are constantly changing and we can adapt as your needs change. Our objective is to scale up or down as those needs change. Our diverse team provides us the ability to adjust while setting a fixed fee for the requirements today.

"Back Office is our expertise. We'll take care of it, so you can focus on yours."

David Hall, CEO

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