Chief Operating Officer

Is your business struggling with internal infrastructure? We are here to help! Our COO Consultants have a strong background in finance, which helps them drive your business in the right directions backed by real financial metrics. Every business needs strong operations management and processes. It may be Organization Management, Cultural Adjustment, Incentive Based Compensation Plans, Operating System Evaluations, or Staff Behavior Changes. We can create metrics, modify your systems, and bring real change to your organization that will accelerate your business and motivate your staff to higher levels of performance.

Our process assesses the three main components to a smoothly operating business: Personnel, Process, and Technology.

• Personnel: We believe that good operations start with people. Spending time in your office and getting to know your staff, and what they are responsible for, is the first step. During this stage, we want to learn their pain points and dependencies, to help us sees out how we can make improvements within departments as well as inter-departmentally. Once we identify the key issues that the organization is facing, we can construct a plan to work through these systematically in order of importance. We will also assess areas that may need changes to staffing; whether it be additional staff, a change in staff, or a reallocation of staff. We want to make sure that you have your best talent working for each position at a company.

• Process: Once we have identified the key issues that the organization is experiencing, we will dig further into what makes your business tick. We will assess processes to ensure that information moves seamlessly through your business. This also includes creating metrics to analyze your business and creating incentive based plans that helps drive your staff to perform in the best possible manner. Having an outside and fresh perspective makes all the difference in figuring out how a system can be improved, and that’s what we are here for.

• Technology: In this current age, technology is an invaluable component to an efficient and effective business. Our COO Consultants are adept in technology and software. This includes assisting in utilizing existing technologies, researching options for new systems, and presenting the pros and cons to management to help in making the best decision possible for the company. We are also able to facilitate system migrations by utilizing our internal staff in conjunction with your businesses staff to move through a big project smoothly.