Leela Ottombrino was the very first employee to be hired by the founding partners of R.G. Alliance. As such she is, in many ways, the back bone of the company and the driving force behind much of our success.

Leela is a UCSD graduate with a degree in Linguistics with a focus on American Sign Language. While in college she focused her efforts not only on language, but also gained college level experience in Computer Science, enabling her to learn new software at lightning speeds. With this strong background, she is able to create effectual systems and manage projects with ease.

As the General Manager, she is an integral part in developing our internal staff and pushing our company to new heights. She finds passion in being a key part of the growth of our company as well as witnessing and assisting with the growth of her client’s companies.
Leela’s success may be, in part, equated to her infatuation with puzzles. She loves the feeling of taking on a complex task and solving it step by step. “I see challenges at work as just another puzzle that needs to be solved. Whether it be something I’ve done 100 times or figuring out something out for the first time, I find joy in working through it.” This is just one example of why she is such a valuable part of our team. She is not afraid to tackle the intimidating demands of the business.

We asked Leela for her favorite aspect of her job and her answer exemplifies her open personality: “My favorite thing about working for R.G. Alliance is the diversity I am exposed to each day. With this job, I might visit several client’s office in one day and make connections with people all over town. On top of the personal connections, I’m also able to learn about many different businesses and industries and apply what I learn to my other clients. This has played a big factor in my happiness”.

We enjoy Leela’s insight and friendship in the R.G. team and we look forward to having her here for many years to come.