About Us

R.G. Alliance is an Outsourced Financial Consulting firm based in the Banker’s Hill neighborhood in San Diego, California. We provide services to businesses in all stages and sizes. Allow our team to become a part of your team.



Life is Short

We work with people we like and who like us.

Be Innovative

We don’t just work for the revenue.

Deliver Value to the Client

We exceed expectations and only do work that is valuable to the client.

Fixed Fee Pricing

There are no surprises in our invoicing, we do not work by the hour.

Enjoy Mondays

Love what you do and thrive.




We strive to understand our Client’s day-to-day challenges and leverage our real life experiences to provide strategy and solutions to achieve successful growth and performance.

Our professional staff has experience in all industries:  Advertising Agencies, Construction, Energy, Fitness, Food Distribution, Government Contracting, Health and Wellness, Hospitality, Insurance, Manufacturing, Not For Profit Organizations, Professional Services, Retail, Technology, Transportation, and more.